Coral Springs Men's Soccer League

Top 10 Scorers

Team   Player   Yellows   Reds   Goals  
Arsenal Pagani,   Rodolfo      
  X  12
Arsenal Felitti,   Jorge     X  4    
  X  9
High Tech & Collision Lanas,   Giovanni         
  X  9
T&T Milan Simpson,   Shaun         
  X  8
Coral Springs Fusion Aren,   Javier     X  2       
  X  8
Union Peru Tijero,   Christian         
  X  6
Cafeteros Palmer,   Brian         
  X  5
D.I.Medellin De Casanova,   Hugo         
  X  5
D.I.Medellin Cobo,   Alejandro         
  X  5
High Tech & Collision Gomez,   Angel         
Cafeteros Convers,   Jairo "Matador"      
Coral Springs Fusion Prado,   Pedro      
Coral Springs Fusion Belime,   Emmanuel      
Boca Raton S.C. Arevalo,   Julio "Comandante"         
Barcelona DeSouza,   Luis     X  3    
Boca Raton S.C. Corredor,   Eduardo         
High Tech & Collision Reyes,   Rafael      

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Ruben 'Pilin' Franzese




Our League Enjoys:

  • 12 Week Seasons Including Playoffs
  • Top Quality Soccer Fields Provided
  • Best Referees & Administrators
  • Post-tournament Activities

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