Coral Springs Men's Soccer League

CSMSL - Over 30 Spring 2011

Board of Directors

Name Role Phone E-Mail
Dr. Rami Toueg President
Alvaro E. Escobar Secretary (954) 600-6299 Alvaro E. Escobar
Ruben "Pilin" Franzese Referee Assignor (954) 684-6134 Ruben "Pilin" Franzese
Dirk Hilyard Representative
North Broward F.C.
(954) 298-4533
Jorge Dulcey Representative
International F.C.
(954) 937-2711
Manni Menendez Representative
Broward Select
(954) 663-4093
Paul Angulo Representative
High Tech & Collision
(954) 709-6124
Cleve King Representative
Professionals F.C.
(754) 581-5466
Richard Brooks Representative
Old Timers O30
(561) 577-6081
Ruben "Pilin" Franzese Representative
Tango F.C.
(954) 684-6134
John Correa Representative
Valencia F.C.
(754) 204-8571
Rafael Cardona Representative
Cafeteros F.C. O30
(954) 347-3607
Edison "Carnitas" Representative
United Nations F.C. O30
(954) 328-5833
Martin Lanzoni Representative
Boca Raton S.C.
(954) 770-9078

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Ruben 'Pilin' Franzese




Our League Enjoys:

  • 12 Week Seasons Including Playoffs
  • Top Quality Soccer Fields Provided
  • Best Referees & Administrators
  • Post-tournament Activities

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