Coral Springs Men's Soccer League

CSMSL - Over 30 Fall 2022

Least Goals Against

Team   Player   Average   G.A.  
Peru United Salvatierra,   Christian    GK 0.88  
  X  7
KCT F.C. Guinand,   Andres    GK 1.00  
  X  8
Julian Prado Painting Sugo,   Fernando    GK 1.38  
  X  11
Escobar,   Alvaro    GK2
Premier F.C. Possu,   Odair    GK 1.75  
  X  14
Argentinos Juniors F.C. Rojas,   Adam    GK 2.00  
  X  16
Mullins F.C. Johnson,   Ben    GK 2.38  
  X  19
International United F.C. Quezada,   Carlos    GK 2.50  
  X  20
APT F.C. Rahemi,   Ramin    GK 2.50  
  X  20
FAS F.C. Lloyd,   Christopher    GK 2.88  
  X  23

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Ruben 'Pilin' Franzese




Our League Enjoys:

  • 12 Week Seasons Including Playoffs
  • Top Quality Soccer Fields Provided
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